Our approach becomes your progress


Great cooperation runs both ways. It is a partnership between advertiser and advisor, with both parties working independently and strengthening each other. We are never better than our ability to cooperate. See how we do it.


You expect something from us.

We expect something from you.

Consultancy begins and ends with customer service. Marketing is a cooperation between consultant and advertiser. Our shared success depends on our ability to work together. We need to work together on generating visible results.


The customer isn’t always right

As our customer, you’re not automatically right. It isn’t really about being right, either. It’s about doing things together. Imagine what would have happened if Henry Ford had done only what his customers asked him to do. We work for you. Because when we help you develop, you help us develop. When we get smarter, you do too.



Cooperation isn’t cooperation until we give each other feedback. Every month, we ask you to evaluate our partnership: on a scale from 1 to 10, what do you think about it? We use the NPS method, so answering takes only 30 seconds. This year, we’re at a 9.3 – which is good.


How we help you

You need an advisor you can trust. An advisor who doesn’t think narrowly. An advisor who’s capable of thinking across channels while focusing on their areas of expertise. An advisor who works not for you but together with you.


Nicklas Meyer

Partner & CCO




We’re not the right advisors for everyone. We often advise potential customers against entering into a partnership with us if we’re not a good match. Honesty creates transparency. That’s just how we were raised.




We always make sure to gather the necessary data. We prepare ourselves properly before we get started. We look at your company, your market and your product and map out options and initiatives.




We never work spontaneously. We always plan ahead because planning ensures control and momentum. Thoughtfulness is a natural component of our way of working.




We think about you without you having to think about us. We work at a healthy distance and never become intrusive. We share your numbers with you constantly, so you always know how things are going and where you stand.




You benefit from constant evaluation, and so do we. The numbers don’t lie, but they never stand alone, either; data means nothing without insight. Lack of insight always results in a hazy outlook.


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”Looking at the last two to three years, we have almost doubled our turnover online with Facebook, among others, as an extremely important driver.”

Michael Ewald Hansen

E-commerce diretor, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW

We aren’t a good match for everyone

The perfect match 

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The suboptimal match 

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PL & Partners is a performance marketing agency. We are a group of advisors that go to work every day with the desire to create visible results together with our customers. We are built on ambition and knowledge.
We are driven by people, by advisors, by data and by a shared wish to create visible results.

Your reason to pick PL & Partners

In our most recent customer survey, customers rated us at 9.3 out of 10

For over 7 years we have been a regular speaker at international events at Facebook HQ in Dublin.

This year, we are handling an ad spend of over 250 million danish kroner on social media on behalf of our customers

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