How we created more than five million TikTok views for Danish Crown

How we created more than five million TikTok views for Danish Crown

Can you arouse Generation Z’s appetite on TikTok? Yes, but you need the right content in the right format – and the right agency.

How we created more than five million TikTok views for Danish Crown



About Danish Crown

Food going from farm to fork via sustainable production. That’s the ethos of Danish Crown. And they have been providing more than ten billion meals a year for people all over the world since 1887. These days, Danish Crown has a new and ambitious vision: The company wants to reduce their carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and produce climate-neutral meat by 2050.

In the spring of 2021, Danish Crown faced a challenge. Their premium series of minced beef patties, Burger Boost, needed a proper push before the barbecuing season. Who wanted to buy the tasty meat? None other than the young people with the colourful title Generation Z.

Some people still think it’s easy to bring this elusive demographic to the cash register through Facebook advertising. And yes: It’s indeed possible. But it’s not easy. These days, it’s sometimes easier to simply target Generation Z on Snapchat and TikTok.

Together with Danish Crown, we planned a TikTok campaign. The right video content and use of the format would turn out to play a crucial role in turning raw minced meat into a well-done success.

Minutes of video viewed


Number of video views


6-second video views


The recipe for engaging content

We knew that we needed to be faithful to the platform in order to achieve success: We needed to entertain, and the videos needed a high degree of authenticity. To secure the fleeting attention of a young target group, content has to come in easily digestible bites.

We chose to create professionally user-generated content – that is, content that’s planned and produced with a professional setup but looks user-generated. That gave us more options when it came to controlling the messages and the humour in the content while still maintaining the high degree of authenticity required.

Based on our background knowledge and know-how, we decided to create two razor-sharp concepts.

One of these concepts was called Food Hack. It consisted of two videos of our charming Jeppe preparing mouth-watering burger recipes.

We called the other concept Real People Doing. It was inspired by a trend with the same name, in which ordinary people attempt to mimic other peoples’ activities. Here, young REMA 1000 supermarket-employees created hilarious slapstick comedy while trying to mimic Jeppe’s food hacks – it wasn’t easy, and that’s exactly why it was authentic and funny.

TikTok vs Facebook

The TikTok campaign spend was three times lower than the Facebook spend. Nevertheless, it generated 137,444 engagements compared with 545 on Facebook. The average video viewing length was 11.5 seconds on TikTok and 5 seconds on Facebook. Perhaps you should start to look a bit more closely at TikTok?

Number of followers


Number of engagements


We kick-started Danish Crown with Spark Ads

We wanted to create a food universe with Danish Crown’s profile at the centre of a focus on easy cooking – one that was also for young people. We needed it to be easily accessible not just for Danish Crown but also for TikTok users.

To begin with, we posted a series of movies directly on TikTok – organically, without spending anything on the posts. And because we created the content the right way, reach and engagement soared. But don’t be fooled by good results from organic content – there was still a lot more to gain. TikTok has an ad format called Spark Ads, which lets you bind your organic post together with a paid ad. Your target group can then click on the ad to go to your company profile, which gives you a great base for attracting more followers – which is exactly what Danish Crown got as a direct result of their posts.

We think it was a good campaign. So does Danish Crown. Even TikTok recognised it as among the best of the first official TikTok campaigns from Scandinavia. But, most importantly, young people thought the food universe wasn’t just appetising – it was excellent.

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