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Banners, images, messages; you know them well. After all, they follow you everywhere, and they never fail to impress. But you will if you aren’t using Display Ads.

Display AdsDisplay Ads
Display AdsDisplay Ads
Display AdsDisplay Ads
Display Ads

Somebody needs something

You have the products. The customers have a need. And Display Ads have the tools to show your products to people who don’t know about you yet. But you can also have them shown to people who do know you and have visited your website. Remind them that you’re here – and that they still haven’t purchased anything from you. Every now and then, everyone needs a friendly reminder.

Display Ads

From search to seen to sale

It doesn’t matter all that much whether your customers are searching for sneakers, yellow sneakers, Nike sneakers or something else entirely. The most important part is that you keep appearing – even when your customers expect it the least. Whether they’re reading a magazine or watching sports, you can make your customers go from search to seen to sale with Display Ads.

Display Ads

Display Ads and Custom Intent

Display Ads allow you to target your ads towards people who have visited your competitors’ websites. This is called Custom Intent. But you need to use Custom Intent carefully. In some cases, it makes sense to compare yourself with competitors, while in others, it can backfire.

Custom Intent is also used for purposes other than directly comparing yourself to the competition. You can also target your ads towards people who are interested in a particular keyword – or a website that isn’t necessarily your competitor’s. Display Ads makes it easier to target based on interest by letting Custom Intent analyse people’s behaviour.

Display Ads

Dynamic retargeting

Dynamic retargeting is different from other display strategies. It focuses solely on potential customers that have already seen one or more products on your website. This makes it possible for us to show them exactly the same product that they viewed on your website. We can help you tailor which Display Ads your potential customers see.

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