Kom med bag kulisserne og opdag, hvordan fremtidens marketing bureau bliver til.


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October 27, 2021

PL & Partners får en makeover

PL & Partners får en makeover

Et af Danmarks førende performance marketing-bureauer, PL & Partners, løfter sløret for en ny kommunikationsstrategi og visuel identitet – en komplet makeover.

By Kristian Larsen

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PL & Partners får en makeover

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PL & Partners is a performance marketing agency. We are a group of advisors that go to work every day with the desire to create visible results together with our customers. We are built on ambition and knowledge.
We are driven by people, by advisors, by data and by a shared wish to create visible results.

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For over 7 years we have been a regular speaker at international events at Facebook HQ in Dublin.

This year, we are handling an ad spend of over 250 million danish kroner on social media on behalf of our customers

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