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You can strike gold with Pinterest, but only if you aspire to inspire your customers.
Make sure that you’re seen, remembered and – when the time comes – chosen.


Pinterest is your window into digital shopping

Pinterest is a new factor in the digital landscape. But don’t assume that the platform can’t make a difference to your business. Imagine a physical store. You’re walking down a commercial street when you see it. You get inspired, walk inside and buy a product.

Perhaps you were already thinking about buying something, but it was that last bit of inspiration that made the difference. With Pinterest, you can inspire customers and become their preferred brand.


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“We were looking for the best partner in Denmark. In PL & Partners, we found a partner that meets this requirement and is a great match for our business.”

Rasmus Carlsen

Marketing Director, Verisure


A new and easier purchase journey

Pinterest challenges the traditional purchase journey. When you add Pinterest to your marketing mix, you also introduce the possibility of a new and less complex purchase journey. Make sure that your customers choose you before anyone else – before they even see a Facebook or Google ad.

Pinterest allows you to inspire users before they even know what they’re looking for. It’s the ultimate medium for inspiration: with your product, you solve a users’ problem. Then you make them fall in love with your solution – and buy it.

If you like how we think, you should see us work.

8 years

We have more than eight years of experience with Facebook advertising.


17 trips

We have visited Facebook in Dublin 17 times since 2015.


Mads Paaskesen speaks in front of 300 other agency managers.

Facebook Dublin, 2016

9.3 out of 10

Our customer satisfaction in 2021.

Pia Paulsen Danish Crown

“PL & Partners are incredibly helpful, fast and customer-oriented.”

Pia Paulsen

Head of Social Media, Danish Crown


Close friends

As one of the only Nordic agencies, we are a Meta Business Partner.

“I have experienced nothing but professionalism from PL & Partners.”

Sofie Molls

Marketing Manager, Illums Bolighus

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In our most recent customer survey, customers rated us at 9.3 out of 10

For over 7 years we have been a regular speaker at international events at Facebook HQ in Dublin.

This year, we are handling an ad spend of over 250 million danish kroner on social media on behalf of our customers

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