How we helped Cosmo Laser get more customers

How we helped Cosmo Laser get more customers

What will it take before Danes accept laser treatments and turn a taboo subject into a commonplace one? Faced with a problem like this, you could do nothing. Or you could choose to inform, tell a good story, provide recipients with the relevant information at the right time or something else entirely. Cosmo Laser did something – in partnership with us.

How we helped Cosmo Laser get more customers


Beauty and cosmetics

About Cosmo Laser

Cosmo Laser is a clinic that primarily offers laser and injection treatments. They have a lot of different products in their portfolio, everything from hair removal, acne treatment and skin tightening to skin refinement, tattoo removal, vascular lesion treatments, botox and filler.

A taboo subject

PL & Partners started a partnership with Cosmo Laser in 2017. At the time, laser treatment was more taboo than it is today. Maybe things changed due to our involvement or perhaps the times simply changed. We choose to believe both.

“Compared to last year, we have experienced 20 percent growth in the entire business. This comes from creating leads: We market ourselves and spread our message to more Danes.”

How we helped Cosmo Laser get more customers

Kimia Bahari

Head of Marketing at Cosmo Laser

A targeted effort

Paying for visibility pays off. Cosmo Laser received 260 percent more visitors due to an increased and focused effort with paid Facebook and Instagram advertising. Aside from that, Cosmo has also experienced a significant increase in turnover – a win in more ways than one.

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The partnership team


Nikolai Skouv Pedersen

CEO & Partner

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Jeanette Byberg

Senior Paid Social Specialist