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Terms of Use for for pl-partners.dk
These Terms of Use describe how we process and collect your private data when you visit pl-partners.dk.

Contact Information

Data Controller is:
PL & Partners A/S
VAT no..: 36501766
Robert Jacobsens Vej 76A, st.
2300 København S
Email: info@pl-partners.dk
Phone: +45 44 22 58 50

and we will ensure that your private data are processed in accordance with current laws and regulations.


The following describes how we collect information about you when you visit our website and how we use and process this information.

Our processing of your information requires your consent in accordance with current laws and regulations. For this purpose, we use Secure Privacy which is installed on our site. This service makes it easy for you to give us permission to process your information, as well as withdraw your consent if needed.

We will place cookies on your unit when you visit our website. Cookies necessary to ensure functionality and settings can be used without your consent, however. When you give your consent, you will be informed about the use and purpose of collecting data through cookies.

Among other things, we use the cookies for:

Personalization and customization of our website
Optimization and personalization of your visit to our website by remembering location, language and earlier searches
Profiling data about your behavioral pattern on our website with the purpose of optimizing our marketing
Improvement of our services based on general user behaviour

Third-party Cookies

We use a range of third-party services. In some cases, these services also use cookies.

We use third-party cookies from Facebook, OWL Carousel, Google Analytics, WordPress, Hotjar, HubSpot, AutopilotHQ and Yoast SEO.

Among other things, third-party cookies are used to create statistics from your visits to our website. We use cookies to learn which pages you visit and how much time you spend on them. We use HubSpot and Google Analytics for this purpose.

When statistic data are sent to Google, no personally identifying information, such as IP address, name, address etc. will be included. Instead, only normal traffic data, such as article number, time and page visited will be sent. Google have confirmed that they will not disclose information about IP addresses in Denmark, as this would be illegal.

When you fill out forms on our website, such as our contact and white paper forms, we will save the completed data in HubSpot.

IP Address

We use your IP address to diagnose problems on our servers and administration of our website. Furthermore, we use them to provide an overview of the geographical distribution of our users and creating offers for potential corporate customers.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file placed on your computer by your browser. It enables the browser to recognize your computer and remember choices you have made on the website, e.g. your preferred language. A cookie cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. Cookies will self-delete after a set amount of months depending on cookie type. Cookies are renewed with each of your visits to the website. A cookie will not be able to identify who you are, your name, your address or if your computer is used by a single or more persons. If you provide personal information on the website, however, a cookie can be used to remember you on your next visit to the website.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies, as they help us identify you as a user and follow your user behaviour on our website. We use the information for statistics and to optimize our services and content.

How long will cookies be kept?

Cookies will self-delete after a set amount of months depending on cookie type. Some cookies will disappear, as soon as you close your browser window, while others can exist for several years. Most providers use a lifetime of 12 or 24 monts on their ad-, statistics- and content-related cookies. Cookies will be renewed each time you visit the website.

How to delete cookies

If you want to opt out of or delete cookies, you can see how to do it here: http://minecookies.org/cookiehandtering.

Please be aware that you risk the loss of website functionality or the inability to access certain content in case you delete or block cookies.

If your device (computer, tablet etc.) is used by more persons, or if you use different browsers on your device, please note that your settings and preferences can vary depending on who uses your device and which browsers you use. Please also note that you will have to adjust your settings for each device if you use different devices when you access our website.

How to avoid cookies

If you don’t want to allow cookies, you can block them. See more here: http://minecookies.org/cookiehandtering.