Gamification in digital


Let your customers take a quiz, spin the wheel of fortune or scratch a lottery ticket. By using gamification and games, you allow their play to generate more sales with fewer clicks and a lower budget.


Move your customers from game to sale with gamification

A sale depends on a lot of things. One person might get interested and end up becoming a customer because they see an ad. Others may buy because you entertained them in a way they enjoy. By giving gamification a try, you can stand out from the crowd and start to entertain people. This gives you another, more efficient way to approach your customers.

You can create leads. You can create sales. You can create contact with customers who were about to forget you. With gamification, you can be seen by the people who should recognize you.


Take your customers’ engagement to a new level

Interaction with you and your brand needs to be satisfying for the customer. With gamification, it also becomes entertaining.

Keep your promises and entertain your new acquaintances and they’ll give you something in return; maybe they’ll sign up for your newsletter, become members of your customer club or something else entirely. What matters the most is that their reactions are prompted by the positive, entertaining experience you’ve created for them.

Why not let your brand be the game creator? This allows you to create greater trust, recognition and, most importantly, results.


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“We were looking for the best partner in Denmark. In PL & Partners, we found a partner that meets this requirement and is a great match for our business.”

Rasmus Carlsen

Marketing Manager, Verisure


We build your games

You don’t need to be able to code or translate in order to convert your users into paying customers. We can do all that for you. So why not draw your customers to you by engaging them? Increase loyalty among your existing customers, warm up your leads with an eye towards getting them to sign up for your newsletter or bring entirely new customers into your universe; you can achieve a lot through gamification.


Cheap, cheaper, gamification

In certain cases, gamification can create results up to four times more cheaply than traditional content. Why only focus on traditional content on channels like Facebook, TikTok or email marketing when you can add gamification and give the entire package a boost? Add an exciting entertainment element to make your channels and potential customers extra warm through play.

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The one and only

We are Denmark’s only Scratcher Premium Partner: Get your benefits through our special agreement with the gamification platform


Get ahead of the pack

Through our close relationship with, you can get brand new game features programmed in a split second.


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Pia Paulsen

Head of Social Media, Danish Crown

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Our customer satisfaction in 2021.


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We have visited Facebook in Dublin 17 times since 2015.

“I have experienced nothing but professionalism from PL & Partners.”

Sofie Molls

Marketing Manager, Illums Bolighus

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