How we created an online lead machine for Verisure

How we created an online lead machine for Verisure

Could Facebook and Instagram advertising yield better results than TV promotions? It could indeed.

How we created an online lead machine for Verisure




About Verisure

Verisure A/S is a company that delivers subscription-based alarm solutions. The company offers various solutions for apartments, rowhouses, villas, garages, sheds and more -not to mention businesses. Today, Verisure operates in 15 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Great Britain. It has more than 16,000 employees all over the world.

In the past, Verisure focused on TV commercials. TV was an especially important means by which to create visibility and attract new customers. But how do you move your marketing activities (and budgets) online when you want to conquer a greater market share and create growth? You call PL & Partners.

Optimizing the current setup

It’s important to work on a strong foundation. We started out with an in-depth analysis of the historical data from the advertising account and looked closely at the overall marketing mix. This provided us with sufficient insight to start implementing a new strategy, one that focuses on increasing the number of leads while maintaining a low CPL (cost per lead).

“We were looking for the best partner in Denmark. In PL & Partners, we found a partner that meets this criteria and is a great match for our business.”

How we created an online lead machine for Verisure

Rasmus Carlsen

Marketing Manager, Verisure

Scaling with structured tests

“Growth through a tried and tested structure” was one of our mottos. At PL & Partners, we’re used to working with a fixed framework, one that splits Facebook advertising into seven central columns. This well-tested framework allows us to go more in-depth with a nuanced approach to advertising that takes into account the customer’s knowledge of products, markets and target groups.

For Verisure, this meant that advertising supported their call centre. The leads generated from Facebook advertising were highly relevant. Rather than focusing on increasing budgets through new messages and target groups, the budget was increased across several different initiatives in the account. This means shifting focus to both the set-up and how Facebook affects the customer journey.

Saying “yes” to further development

Lack of development can have a detrimental effect on your business. Every month, we allocate resources to finding new ways to create better results for our customers. This was also the case here. Channels like Facebook and Instagram require constant development when you want to scale your efforts on them. It’s important that you as an advertiser keep monitoring and optimizing the advertising setup.

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The partnership team


Nikolai Skouv Pedersen

CEO & Partner

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Rasmus Thierry Mogenstrup

Paid Social Director


Kristoffer Skjærbæk

Client Director


Marcin Gasienica

Head of Creative